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Sunset Kings

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Available now: April 2021!

A loving husband and father, John Hoffman, returns to his family and farm, after WW 1, with a troubling secret that he cannot unlock himself. As the Hoffman family struggles, they are strong of character and wish for the father's recovery. Oddly, one of John’s war buddies visits the farm and unravels the secret so recovery can begin.

Journey with the Hoffman’s on their beautiful cattle farm on the prairie with incredible sunsets and bright, starlit nights as they deal with issues of World War I, prohibition, prejudice, gangsters, speakeasies, drought, storms, the Depression, and World War II.

This historical novel spans five decades and speaks volumes about families and rural life, good and bad, in the first half of the 20th century. Located in northwest Indiana, immigrants work the land, but take time to enjoy nature and occasional escapades in Chicago and Indianapolis.

What others are saying about Sunset Kings

This is a wonderful story of GI Joes, gardens, and gangsters. Visit Americana where Berta serves up Hoosier hospitality. It’s a timeless journey of family, farms, and forgiveness.

Lori Lehe, Round Grove, IN

Sunset Kings is an unexpected story about the Hoffman farm family, in the fictional Indiana county of Belton, who experience the impact war can have for generations. This novel takes you in directions that should satisfy any reader who loves to look back at a time when life was simpler, yet more difficult. From the corn fields of Belton County and the Blind Pig speakeasy in Indianapolis to the magnificent French Jardin Botanique of Bailleul, Sunset Kings brings to life a story we rarely read about life on the farm.

Jane Ade Stevens, Indianapolis, IN

This captivating novel begins with the WWI which draws in the reader. The quick transition from war to the farm is very nicely paced. Any farm person reading this will identify with much of the novel, especially the details about what “chores” meant, distances to town, hospitals, etc. It will bring back memories of grandparents, and even parents, talking about what it was like to farm without electricity, using iceboxes for refrigeration, and working with horses and eventually power equipment.

Greg Lamp, Saint Paul, MN

The Accident in Larson

Coming in Feburay 2022

Copyright 2021

Matthew O'Neill – Bloomington, Indiana

Author of The Seasons at Walden Inn

Good writing and great storytelling are two prongs on the same fork. While they are complementary skills, they could exist independently of each other.

Experience and practice shape great writing. On the other hand, talented storytellers predate the existence of the written word and tend to be born with that skill.

This novel shows Steven Cain owns an embarrassment of riches concerning both traits. A lifetime of writing has endowed Mr. Cain with an enviable mastery of the craft, whereas nature seems to have bestowed the ancient and magical gift of storytelling. With consummate skill, the reader is drawn in gently at first. However, as the author seamlessly adjusts his prose style to fit both the ongoing narrative and the developing plot, the reader is enveloped in a lasting feeling of suspense that commands attention right up to the last page.

Steven Cain, the storyteller, creates a fascinating array of characters as Steven Cain the writer segues from spare, tightly crafted prose to lush imagery while maintaining a controlled momentum that carries us along and keeps us engaged. Like all memorable books, this one left me vastly entertained and a little wiser in the ways of the world.

Virginia White Opelika, Alabama

What happens when you mix beautiful rural Indiana with a twenty-something smart guy, a sweetheart, and a mysterious car wreck? "The Accident in Larson" is a great story complicated by local and extraterrestrial forces. I loved the twists and turns. Thanks for the entertaining read!


Steve Cain, a journalist and freelance writer for more than fifty years, published thousands of articles nationally in magazines such as Successful Farming, Prairie Farmer, and Farm Journal. He was a contributing writer to World Book’s Science Yearbook from 1989 to 2003. In 1997 and 1998, he hosted the nationally televised Science and Technology Update for Direct TV's Channel Earth. In the 1990s, Cain was a volunteer communication consultant in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Russia, and Uganda.

Cain is a retired Purdue University Extension Disaster Specialist. While working for Purdue Extension, he helped more than 60,000 Hoosiers return to their homes after natural disasters. Cain has been a major player in four national USDA team awards for disaster education since 1988. At Purdue, he also coordinated news information for the School of Agriculture’s Department of Agricultural Communication. He worked with journalists from major television news networks as well as newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal.

In 1986, Senator Richard Lugar nominated Cain to be Indiana’s first representative on NASA’s citizen in space program. Cain has served as a board member of two organizations, the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and the Indiana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. In retirement, he volunteers for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s Foundation which has given millions of dollars to fund life-saving equipment for local, first responders.

A motorcycle enthusiast, Cain has ridden motorcycles in all 50 U.S. states and five Canadian Provinces. He will always cherish riding to the Arctic Circle with his son Ryan. He lives in the area where this story takes place with his wife Kathryn, also an author. They have four children, Hollie, Jason, Stephanie, and Ryan.

Photo credit: Kathryn Cain

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